Friday, January 20, 2017

Brazilian project, learnings for life... life as a ... school... in island, morros... favelas...

When I got here in Brazil, in may 2014, I surely could not imagine the journey I would be able to do here in Brazil in such a short time...
I knew I wanted to check ou again this amazing country where I had travelled thousands of kms 15 years ago... in 2000 2001... worked in the favelas of Rio, Bangu, Santa Teresa, in centres for rehad for disabled kids like in Vila Isabel...
But this journey here in the south of Brazil has really changed my life, even further. I have found in this island of magic, it seems to me, a very deep and important balance: waves in front of my house, trees everywhere, PANCS in the garden, a permaculture horta, a galineiro, a water harvesting tank!... and so many holistic activities.
And if I have come here only for 2 projects: one in Puerto Suarez/Corumba in August 2014, one in Morro do Alemao and one in Mariana in Jan 2016, I guess all the suffering that came these past 2 years was worth every moment of hardship!
Meus Projetos em America do Sul 2014-2016:
most striking:

CBWM ( Community Based Waste Management)
Barrio Limpio 30 DIAS,  San Antonio, Puerto Suarez BOLIVIA
Sept 2014
short versio ENG

Alternative learning in Favellas of Rio de Janeiro
Morro do Alemao, August 2014

Global video ENG april 16:

If that was only to reinforce love in my heart beyond disrespect and people stepping into my heart with the lightness of elephants... that was worth every ..false heart attack!
After a broken heart yes I can testify that my heart grew not only stronger but broader... for myself, the beloved ones I lost, the ones I am taking care of...
Beyond the games of "Amor livre, queer teoria" manipulative and disrespectful attitudes... I am sailing proud of having loved... honestly and with faith, following my values, with generosity, with understand and care when I could...

If that was only for the smile of that little girl in Morro Bella Vista, Belo Oriente, Rio Doce... seeing clean water in her street... then my path has a meaning... deeper than my little belly, than that "mimimi song" I have heard so much here from BH to Floripa!

And for that smile... these 2 years were surely worth any grieving!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Salty Kiss

I sent you a kiss through the sea
When leaving it turned back to smile at me
Sparkling eyes, glittering, shining bright!
Knowing it would lend on your heart!
Light, full of Light
Surfing the back of wave, away…
Hoping and playing with so much joy
Rolling at the speed of a life,
Live to the fullest
Some argue to the fooliest!

Choosing gratitude

Today I sent you a salty kiss
With a sweet promise of Love

Para minha Kchoiera

Whats needs to be known arrises spontaneously in you…

May June 2015


Teaching once again in TEM and getting my thesis now transferred to Paris, Ecole des Mines… in June… or September… depending on  admin!
Yet what a great feeling to teach such international classes, to get to interact with intl research teams, high level bodies of research.

And get a chance to access new sources of fundings.

Amar… o mar

Arriving in Brazil

Jan- feb 15

Quer dizer, hoje … eu fiz amor … com o mar!
The first rays of the sun were laying colors on the waves breaking all the way to the beach. The beautiful lines of the island were shaping slowly with grades of green of blue when I took my short off to start swimming away, to the outside breaks… where the sea embraced me soflty.
Entering my body, my soul!
Today I made love to the sea, soflty, without a sound either than the waves breaking.
And they took me back to the shore softly with the foam of a champagne day!
Another day of light, of the colors of life… Brazilian colors, light, alegria, sounds of mato, of joy!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happpiiiii Noo Yer.... as they say here! ... and sometimes the poet is ... back!

When the poet is back, it feels like birds singing spring, when he has time again, in his heart, in his soul, to spread love with his words, to lay the notes he hears, share what he sees, nature becomes divine... again... reborn in his poetry!
The poet is back... Alleluia!

Today is going to sing, through your fingers flying on this guitar's strings, this year is going to rock through the rimes you find in any place, even mythical metallic bands!

Thank you for remembering... and reminding us...that beyond the pain, the sorrows of experiences, there is always life blossoming, and it is turned into a poem... 

Many blessing to come...
only a good year to be harvested!

Blessed to be....

on your list, my dear friend Deepak!

" it’s the same train. it’s the same mail. perhaps it’s the same evening too. they say that time’s an illusion. i think about that sometimes. sampath just  posted on fb a scan of a marketing examination that I had set for his batch more than half a decade ago. when I looked at it i wondered about the questions i had set. and smiled. when he looked at it he wondered about the answers he had written. and smiled. and for  brief a moment we had transcended both time and space. and become just two smiling ends of one thought. i think about that too.

it’s the same train. it’s the same mail. it’s the same mountain. the same buffaloes grazing nonchalantly while the sun sets gently behind them. it’s the same smoke lazily making its way up while the fires hug the ground. the same boys chasing the same soccer ball on them same fields, kicking up the same dust that shimmers like a muslin curtain in that slanting dusk. and it’s the same guptajee feasting on this timeless scene -  eyes bright, mouth agape, and the heart quietly listening . to this song of love eternal

Inline image 1

it’s the same new year coming back again and again. the same new beginnings easing the same old pain. i am a child blissfully lost in the laps of the sages. i am a bird gone high on the rock of the ages. it’s the same old time but somehow its new. it’s the same old rhyme yet its different too. the river has flown, the cells have replaced. the heart has known, the mind has erased. time’s an illusion yet something shifts. loves a collusion and these are its gifts. the same train, the same mountain, the same sights for us to see. yet it’s the first time we are seeing each other and that’s the way will always be J

to paraphrase that “timeless” song that pink floyd actually intended to write J the sun is the same in a relative way and we are just bolder. longer in breath. and one eternal moment further from death.

they say a new year has come to be. here’s to all the new mondays of our destiny. may they be lived ever fresh, ever free"

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Two days to cross the Atlantic, the mediterranean and arabian seas... and get to Bangalore

Back in India to teach in ASB Bangalore a class of 2 weeks called EMSD (Environmental Management and Sustainable Development).


And back in Brazil this time to work with UFMG one of the best univeristies of the country and implement a project in an occupation...

which concept I had only come across in France in cities especially when squatters where invading empty buildings to... get a place to live! Especially in winter times.
But here we are talking a few thousands people taking in charge a piece of private land, building on it and wanting to leave any with free water and electricity.