Saturday, July 18, 2015

Salty Kiss

I sent you a kiss through the sea
When leaving it turned back to smile at me
Sparkling eyes, glittering, shining bright!
Knowing it would lend on your heart!
Light, full of Light
Surfing the back of wave, away…
Hoping and playing with so much joy
Rolling at the speed of a life,
Live to the fullest
Some argue to the fooliest!

Choosing gratitude

Today I sent you a salty kiss
With a sweet promise of Love

Para minha Kchoiera

Whats needs to be known arrises spontaneously in you…

May June 2015


Teaching once again in TEM and getting my thesis now transferred to Paris, Ecole des Mines… in June… or September… depending on  admin!
Yet what a great feeling to teach such international classes, to get to interact with intl research teams, high level bodies of research.

And get a chance to access new sources of fundings.

Amar… o mar

Arriving in Brazil

Jan- feb 15

Quer dizer, hoje … eu fiz amor … com o mar!
The first rays of the sun were laying colors on the waves breaking all the way to the beach. The beautiful lines of the island were shaping slowly with grades of green of blue when I took my short off to start swimming away, to the outside breaks… where the sea embraced me soflty.
Entering my body, my soul!
Today I made love to the sea, soflty, without a sound either than the waves breaking.
And they took me back to the shore softly with the foam of a champagne day!
Another day of light, of the colors of life… Brazilian colors, light, alegria, sounds of mato, of joy!