Friday, January 20, 2017

Brazilian project, learnings for life... life as a ... school... in island, morros... favelas...

When I got here in Brazil, in may 2014, I surely could not imagine the journey I would be able to do here in Brazil in such a short time...
I knew I wanted to check ou again this amazing country where I had travelled thousands of kms 15 years ago... in 2000 2001... worked in the favelas of Rio, Bangu, Santa Teresa, in centres for rehad for disabled kids like in Vila Isabel...
But this journey here in the south of Brazil has really changed my life, even further. I have found in this island of magic, it seems to me, a very deep and important balance: waves in front of my house, trees everywhere, PANCS in the garden, a permaculture horta, a galineiro, a water harvesting tank!... and so many holistic activities.
And if I have come here only for 2 projects: one in Puerto Suarez/Corumba in August 2014, one in Morro do Alemao and one in Mariana in Jan 2016, I guess all the suffering that came these past 2 years was worth every moment of hardship!
Meus Projetos em America do Sul 2014-2016:
most striking:

CBWM ( Community Based Waste Management)
Barrio Limpio 30 DIAS,  San Antonio, Puerto Suarez BOLIVIA
Sept 2014
short versio ENG

Alternative learning in Favellas of Rio de Janeiro
Morro do Alemao, August 2014

Global video ENG april 16:

If that was only to reinforce love in my heart beyond disrespect and people stepping into my heart with the lightness of elephants... that was worth every ..false heart attack!
After a broken heart yes I can testify that my heart grew not only stronger but broader... for myself, the beloved ones I lost, the ones I am taking care of...
Beyond the games of "Amor livre, queer teoria" manipulative and disrespectful attitudes... I am sailing proud of having loved... honestly and with faith, following my values, with generosity, with understand and care when I could...

If that was only for the smile of that little girl in Morro Bella Vista, Belo Oriente, Rio Doce... seeing clean water in her street... then my path has a meaning... deeper than my little belly, than that "mimimi song" I have heard so much here from BH to Floripa!

And for that smile... these 2 years were surely worth any grieving!