Friday, August 17, 2012


into life...

I thought before... that it meant... taking off on a big wave without thinking... almost closing my eyes and praying I was gonna make it!

Well, it now probably takes a lot deeper spiritual meaning for me: engaging in my projects, in my prayers with faith but with my eyes wide open, knowing the part I have to play, the work I have to do, the bins I have to carry, to clean... the articles I have to read to make mine soundfull, impactful... and make a difference... inspire!

As well as now deciding... to take off on a big wave, and not turning back at the last moment... going for it to the fullest!

Trusting that I am doing all I can to make it... and that, that faith is the most important thing, not the result, not making it or ... not!

No wipe out has ever killed me... so why not try!

I now truly engage my board, my heart, the qualities God has placed in me... into waves... of life!

No expectations, just a real exigence on life, on myself for a noble heart, courageous, humble too, importantly... and accepting my fragilities, muting them into sensitivities, creative assets...

Creating, designing a ring with 9 planets, auspicious gems in the old indian tradition...following ayurveda astrology!

Getting engaged! and... blessed... by Amma, Divine Mother :-)

Just committing in front of a Mahatma: this is the woman I love, please give me the strength, nobility, humility to love her everyday, to choose her every day, here and now, without expectations, being simply blessed by growing together, looking in the same direction!

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