Thursday, March 14, 2013

The only way... to have it way: build my own SE, my own rhythm, my own projects!

Having embarked on a specific research project for the coming 4 to 6 years, inducing a trip to India of 1 to 2 months every 6 months, I have to adjust, build my own rhythm around it, my own activities.
Consulting comes as a natural time and punctual activity.
As well as my own social enterprise.

But Gosh is it hard and time consuming right now.
Trying to find a balance:

  • geographically between where I need to live (Munich), where I have most of my professional contacts (Paris and London), where I am conducing my research, PhD project and studies, where I would love to live (Biarritz, islands...)
  • financially: how to find projects to be paid for and yet to be free enough to travel, lead the research projects I have started in India... generate enough money to sustain myself and a starting family
  • emotionally: between a place of heart, a choice of climate, a necessity of studies... a place of spiritual practices...

So here ya go, finding balance, as a core to perseverance, to systemic change? innovation??

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