Sunday, December 8, 2013

Paris all glittering, preparing Xmas... me ... running...preparing 3rd PhD phase in India

This is a time I truly love in Paris, the month of december when all the lights of Xmas are out in the major avenues, making it one of the most romantic cities I have seen.

Not the shining, blinding lights of Time Square or Oxford Circus... and their ostentatious fixtures...

but soft garlands, cascades of gold in front of famous jewelers... les Grands Magasins des Grands Boulevards...

And the most beautiful lights of all: reflects in the kids' eyes, marveled, puzzled every time like if it was their first Xmas (or do they pretend it is so we soften up at the time to make the orders for the Pine Tree...?)

children ever more enchanted by the ingenuity mechanisms giants toys if it was their first Xmas (or do they pretend it is so we soften up at the time to place orders for the Pine Tree...?)
And the incomparable soft light of winter, its muted colors, as diluted.
Crossing from Les Tuileries to Le Musee du Quai D'Orsay, one of my favorite views.

This time it was to meet Masculin/Masculin... another chance to raise my senses, build knowledge from visual and intuition experiences...

from souvenirs de Paris, deep inside like this concert we sang in this very hall of Musee D'Orsay some 15 years ago with the basq Choir Anaiki, I was singing with at the time, to the feeling of rediscovering Paris...

And from the "Origin of the world" viewed by Gustave Courbet like all of us experienced it, I guess... and forgot...? to a review of male nudity, in art, over the centuries, from the 18th to today... really today! through magnifying shades... myths to almost the jokes of what looks like gay calendar pages!

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