Sunday, April 27, 2014

Walking the Talk ...

... in one of the wildest place on earth…

When I say wild... I mean the Crocodile dundee stuff, Indiana Jones adventures...

Crocodiles everywhere: tracks of crocks or a big turtles laying a eggs??
The stories of that american guy eaten up 3 years ago by a sea crock in Havelock dont help to quieten your mind when you paddle... at the end of the day to get out... at low tide... and each rock popping out... piece of reef... looks like a bloddy crock...
Which went from fantasy to reality when I saw a small one walking to the Falls inland!
I could not help thinking about his "Mummy"!
And those sea crocks are very fast, quite ferocious!

If you add to that sun-flies which cover your entire body with bites in the first days, that later can get infected...
I ended up with a huge anaphylactic shock when arriving back in France, a week of hard core fever, left leg swallowing... strong antibiotics...

But when I arrived in Andaman what shocked me once again was... waste... every where and especially in our resort, Blue View: “nobody comes to collect plastic or glass bottles…I love this place... I want to make it best place for my guests..."

Just like this loud australian surfer going on and on a bout systems to take money from tourists, do this and that... "wra, wra, wra...bla bla bla" whom I never saw picking up anything while I was there.

So after a few days I thought I would try and DO something.
I started to plant trees, to suggest a little composting area.
But there again you cannot force people. The very well spoken tenant, had more ideas to attract tourists and make them believe in Eco Camps than the will to respect and protect this beautiful unique ecosystem.

All the waste from his resort ended up behind a big tree, waiting for irregular pick ups from the municipality, ending up in burning and burying.
It shocked me and his reaction as well, completely fake care... pissed me of.

I wanted to do something to start the wheel movement.
Every time I was going to one of our heaven spots, I was bringing some plastic bottles, alcohol glass ones that I would drop back in some of Hut Bay's cement bins.

Following the plan of the thesis I am writing as well as implementation objectives I have set, bottom up, for poor communities I started the following process:

Collection of segregated waste on the beach:



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