Sunday, December 7, 2014

After anaconda stories that huge tarantula on my doorstep and a contract on my head it was time to go ...

Go away from this border life.... at the Bolivian side, in such a depressed area, plaiged by drug smuggling, consumption, such high levels of prostitutions...
or you may die!

I came here for a project which i strongly believe in: short impactful pragmatic implementation of waste decentralized management of waste. And it did work, raised a lot of attention and inspired a lot of people.
Yet I am exhausted, in a bad health and need some rest.

I thought that swimming in that beautiful lake in front of Puerto Suarez would help every day to cope with the hammering heat and polvo!

The this old guy came to me after a few days: "Gringo, que estas haciendo? No sabes que hay bichos en la agua aqui!!? Serpientes que vienen a tomar aere... Dos semanas atras un anaconda se comi una vaca aqui en frente!"
That was it, gone my dream to swim every day, to cross the Pantanal...
Those dreams of Anacondas taking me by the throat hunted me for weeks!
Then the sweet tarantula a few weeks later!
Way smaller but just as scary especially in front of your door early morning.


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