Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What a weekend: a muslim from Casablanca, a jew from Paris, a catholic from Biarritz singing together on a Kerala Beach in front of... Hindus...

What a blessing to sing all weekend long with those guys, amazing singers and beautiful persons... such a great ambiance and vibe! Uke, clarinette, and the amazing arabic notes of our moroccan friend, professional singer!
Especially after breaking my surfboard, shoulder and forehead, banging my board on the sand... on my first wave!!!
 From Amritapuri ashram Varkala, this beautiful Kerala beach is only half and hour away by car, taking the main road from Karunagapaly to Kollam, cutting across coconut fields and going along the coast a few kilometers until the Cliff...or the main beach of Varkala.
J, V, W, M, Y and myself all excited about some beach action... jumped into the water right on arrival.
Well shallow warned my bodyboarder friend... and I should have listened...

By the Way my tip in Varkala: do not go to Cafe Del Mar, it is very 'Budha Bar type' very arrogant, and not only did we get treated like 'shit' (small portions, missing items) but it as well 20% overpriced in comparison to other places.
I don't know how long they can sustain such lack of customer care... lets see!

I ended up backside, digging into the sand, on a small but powerful wave and breaking the nose...
This lead to more singing and more sharing which was surely the plan.
Hence tones of little concerts on the beach, in bars, in private houses.

What a beautiful time as well at this place: Bohemian Massala where we met again the happy italians met at the ashram a few weeks ago...

The last day, monday, heading with my morrocan soul mate to Trivandrum to go and meet one of the prominent malayali artist Sajitha, so sweet, so inspiring and so bright.
Again some great exchanges and moments of sharing.

I can only be grateful, thankful for so many inspiring moments... Jai Ma!

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