Friday, June 1, 2012


Getting back to India, and especially to Amritapuri, the ashram the University felt a bit like coming back home... especially after the emotions of the trip back...
I had to finish a presentation on Social Innovation I had managed to pushed one day further but I knew that the 21 students of EOI in Madrid, International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility would have quite high expectations from that class on SE and BoP from a pragmatic indian perspective.

So I put my head down, research further, stats, economic angles, macro, micro and put together smth I was finally satisfied with the night before.
Both classes 2 times 2 hours went really well, and I had so much fun I started to realize a big part of the purpose I have been looking for in work/selfless service...:
giving back, teaching, spreading values I believe in... but not only in an academic way, models, concepts, but in a very pragmatic approach.
So coming back here, after having been really frustrated for the 1st 6 months I feel a real sense of detachment from results... but as well a very strong sense of purpose: researching new solutions for the BoP, community engagement, that is the PhD side, then developing solutions i.e. renewable energy through Amrita Green Campus project is another angle, and finally teaching students by doing, by alternative learning methods: video, inspiring people, learning by doing (business plans for local SEs, social innovative projects with technical simple/smart solutions...).
I have no more expectations on time scale, not pushing for anything anymore, and funny enough things come more naturally.

Why did it take me 42 years to smile at life instead of resisting it?

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