Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beautiful day in Thiruvananthapuram

When I left the ashram this morning the waves once more, were inviting…big, powerful…
But no time to surf this morning... I have to see… about a gal :-)

Short stop over at the DSP of Kollam, foreign office police department that has to issue a NOL (Non Objection to Leave) every time I want to get out of India… this time really fast, my few words of Malayalam are doing miracles with Suresh Sir!
Then a great lunch in that funny round, shell of restaurant near Tvd train station, great Mutton cutlets…

The search for a hotel nearby happened to be a lot more problematic: all was booked (in my budget around 500Rs) because a renowned swami was giving a lecture in the evening!
So I decided to go for an Ayurveda massage in the CVS Kalari center, Kerala martial art. Gosh was it … martial, but one of the best massage in my life, just I need to be all good for the trip and her arrival!
Lots of oil, ruined my Cacharel underwear and my towel but was worth any penny!
Just what I needed after the stress of my PhD application and sustainability conference org this week.
I recommend it: Dr Suril Kamail, CVS Center, Killipallam, 9446573453
And then the pleasure to meet my friend Sajitha for tea, and her lovely daughter.
Journey in a painter’s world… check inspiring section for all details on her work, Gwory Institute of Art, amazing creative place in the mountains...

Thinking of investing in my artistic sensitivities… as well as… in the one of… that special


Bharat mataki Jay!

Ultrabody experiences....

the future married couple, Shilpy Sankar... is sooo happy!

 I love the B&W, especially

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