Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday... Divine Mother!

Today people from all around Kerala, India, so many foreign countries...actors, politicians, powerful people escorted by moustache strong indian policemen...everywhere... gather in this little village of fishermen between Arabian sea and Backwaters, south west India to bring presents, perform for...Amma!

I am so blessed to be here...feel the bliss the pooja and amazing satsang left me in, since this morning 5am.

Prayed for all my loved ones, in the order of my priorities in life: God, Little Dieg, my wife-to-be, my kids-to-be, my parents/brother, my friends, my future social entreprise...
And felt such a flow of love! coming back in so many ways!!!

I am so sure of this path I took 2 years ago, giving me so much strength, serenity, compassion... to make clear choices, choose spirituality over materialsim, to embrace a beautiful purpose in waste management for poor communities, to become a carrying, loving father, a supportive, loving husband, choose every day, love over resentment and hate...

I am simply thankful, grateful today to have found a guide in my life, spreading unconditional love, love that takes all the space in my chest, not allowing anything else in... any more!

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