Thursday, September 27, 2012

Now completely ready... to face the 4Ps!

all packed... ready to GO!!!

Just as well ready to say goodbye, to friends that have become so close in this struggle to find light, fight for freedom, serenity and inner peace!
Sing with them, hug them... look around, embrace the sceneries, praying, meditation spots that have shaped my life over the past 2 years!

Ready to leave now this safe haven.

Ready to go back home, as much as I feel home is here now. But I strongly feel that I can simply expand from here, expend who I am now, I became here ... to there!

Ready to hug the people I pushed away, send them love, connect with them again from a place of forgiveness, selflessness and unexpecting-love.

Ready to build my life with HER, cherish the sacred love we share, completely, fully... and maybe one day becoming a loving and carrying father.

Ready to fulfill my purpose, the mission Amma gave me.

See section 'D Diary Moods: 4Ps against 1P'

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