Saturday, July 27, 2013

And trying to keep on... reading...writing...

for academic articles:

1st one: 
Topic: Research Methodology
Title: Technological Innovation in Social Innovation (SI) context: specificities of pro-poor solutions from an Indian perspective
Purpose – This study aims to investigate the relationship between High Tech and Low tech Innovation Processes in the context of Social Innovation (SI) with a particular focus on pro-poor innovations developed in India. After defining the factors that play a role in this interaction this study attempts to define a new way to look at social innovation especially in bottom up approaches that are way more qualitative and human resources focused.

2nd one:
Topic: New Institutional Economics
Title: Working title: Waste management and institutional perspectives with Indian empirical examples and theoretical economical approaches

Why waste needs institution or management?
Define the crux of the problem from market-failure perspective in waste creation.
What is the core of market failure in waste creation? Is the ill-defined property right or transaction cost or both, explain through review?
What kind of Institution or institutional response is required to address the market –failure issues in Waste creation? Explain different types of Institutions and institutional response from available case studies in India or elsewhere
Critically assess all types of Institutions and develop a matrix of performance of Institutions on several parameters of waste creation related problems

3rd article:
Topic: Advances Quantitative Methods
Title: Status of Waste Generation in urban India and key influencing factors e:
Very little has been written, published on waste management in India. Probably because little data are available.

Yet the topic of waste management in general and treatment of waste is becoming pivotal in a country that has an important growth rate, impacting hugely on the growth of its waste level and the problems of health, sanitary aspects, poor communities that come with it.

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