Monday, July 8, 2013

French man on a Dump South India

...and a waste management trip!

From Coimbatore Velaloor dump fill to Kanyakumari, its Biogas plant in local villages houses... Pondichery, Auroville and its green experts, best practices... soon Chennai!

Looking at what exists in terms of waste management, meeting people...

reading great Rishis and meditating in holy places

And if it inspired a few local people to get involved...all the better:

Dear Mr Guidi,
I read about you in Times of India , your work in south India.In my neighbourhood around 15-20 ton solid waste of all kinds is generated and being used for landfill.I have a dream that one day we should be able to recycle the same as manure for kitchen gardens and else where. inorganic are at present also segregated,plastics are also to some extent recycled but veggies n organics are also there...
I am a 55 yr year old mechanical engineer with very meager resources to live but i kbnow resources will pour in when we work for greater goodness of humanity...

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