Thursday, November 21, 2013

Witnessing nature changes, from summer to fall...feeling life in all senses

I have been avoiding cold weathers for the past 3 years, spending most of the winters in tropical Kerala, south west India, escaping as soon as the first frost, snow were showing up in Europe.

Well ... beginning of this year, 2013, I got trapped in a "winter storm" (among others!) of 3 months of continuous snow in Munich! I must have paid for all the tropical weather I enjoyed before, I guess!
And besides an amazing week in Austria and a few wonderful snowboarding rides in pure powder I was really frozen, shrinking more and more, suffocating there!

This year, getting in Europe at a time when I was bringing an "indian summer" back in Biarritz with temperatures up to 35 deg in october, nice waves and every body in bikinis and baggies...
I jumped on a plane to Finland!!!!
(Complex guy innit?)
where I was hit by a generous 15 to 10 deg, hoping to fly a jet, to spend some time with friends I had met in the ashram...

There I did feel the change of seasons, the way nature sets its cycles of life...and instead my teenager dream of an air-force career, I got hit just as well by the colors of a fall I had never seen before in my life... maybe differences under such latitudes.

I had seen the most beautiful sunsets in the Pacific, in the carraibic where I grew, but there is something about those northern countries the way life, nature sets herself tenderly to a harsh winter, to rest.
Changes that help you to change, show you the way naturally, accepting time, patience to wait for the right time...

I got hit by those finish people too, courageous, beautiful... that fought the russians, always kept independent...
and that is to be seen on their tough faces.

They fought, they know how to fight... under the cold faces of bears were, at times, tender dears, welcoming people... at times just as well closing up... as cold as the weather Finland was entering in: a long dark winter! just good to stay... home! (no wonder why alcohol and suicide are often sought escapes to really hard conditions)

Yet nature was really romantic that time, and there was no invitation to drink or discard the beauty of life.

Just to sit on a rock in one of those island and watch the day pass by, with the warmth of the sun on your face, still strong this year before the cold and dark night would force you to get closer.

Like that sailing boat where I enjoyed the most beautiful salmon soup, and the sweetest hug, a true sailing dream... like in fairy tails...wooden sailors cabins...

which for my last day was sailing by in the bay of Helsinki...
as a sweet and sour goodbye.

The day I fell in love with a ... beautiful Lorelei, a Snow Queen jumping around on a trampoline, taking me to her hidden secret garden...

You want complex... I am a master in choosing complexity especially in relationships!
My friends make fun of me: "I have tried to compete with Dieg... but he is still in the lead!":
An african kenyan princess in London, a singer daughter of a Dutch magnate, another snow queen, Snow White keeping a court of "ex..dwarfs" (or dominating giants...well you get the picture) all around... and this in London, Munich... really far from Biarritz...and now is the day...
I had to fall in love with a mix of a Lutheran pastor and a shrink!

Bitterness, sadness to feel close... and such a closed heart ... along with the clarity of negative signs, the incompatibility as well as non reciprocity... the universe...resignation to feel it could have been possible and yet is so...impossible.

But so happy it existed... so happy to have seen them, those colors.

They call it being "un coeur d'artichaud" in french! Don't know why this vegetable...but I am indeed one...drawn to try, to jump into a plane, to go and discover those colors...sunsets...waves that take and try.

Such is my life, moments of grace, teaching me never to expect ... more

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