Saturday, September 14, 2013

A night to listen to waves' speak to the stars.

Last night was once again one of those nights were nature blows your mind away with its magic tricks.
The sky, very light stratus as my glider’s past was telling me, formed a sea, a ceiling of light clouds, where a half moon was merely showing, identifiable only by its red-blue corolla.
Like a rare hibiscus.
A hole in the sky, supernatural light... like Jason Mraz would sing, was allowing Cynosure to shine, to show the way, to direct the sails…
even though, that time, I was not sailing, maybe just in my mind!

When I arrived on meditation beach, in front of the ashram, the night was dark and yet... one could feel something was happening: shades in the dark waiting patiently for... a concert to start.
One of those concerts by Jean Michel Jarre, in odd, beautiful places, but a silent one… nothing to fake, nothing to do, to say, to jam along, to smoke... just to be!
Hence the crowd kept silent, muted by the beauty of the elements, tonight...
the waves…

Bright, blue, green, sometimes completely white fluorescent.
I had seen something similar before without even knowing what was going on.

The past 3 days, the Kerala coast line has seen an important concentration of plankton which in this season is putting on a show called: a homogeneous phosphorescence caused by the presence of blooming phytoplankton.

Each wave was leaving behind a trail of sparkling shades, foaming green... blue signals ….to the stars, it seemed.

Calling for UFOs?

The stars and the moon in return, reflecting afar into wrinkles of the sea, quiet ones, until they broke elegantly on the shore-break ..very peacefully last night.

Stars and moon speeches that only the Little Prince would translate but that hearts could be feel and be filled by.

An electro concert of green and blue phosphorescent lights, at the speed of light: imperceptibles movements making this fleeting beauty, this divine exchange... immanescent ... impermanent.

Like the fireflies in that oak tree one night at my grandparents’ place that made it fly ... with me on it!

Each curl, foaming exhalation of each wave was a shining invitation to swim and go with it... for ever

PS: now here is the physical and biological explanation to this phenomenon, even though the poetry of the moment needed no explanation last night.
Just so you don’t think I am more crazy every day!
Or chewing too much of this Pan parrar banded by Kerala state but which is still coloring many of locals' mouth, making them look like as many Devi Gods...or evils!

Marine phosphorescence, heatless light generated chemically by marine plants and animals. Bioluminescence is exhibited by a wide variety of oceanic organisms, from bacteria to large squids and fish. The light is emitted when a flavin pigment, luciferin, is oxidized in the presence of luciferase, an enzyme also produced by the organism (the chemical system is like that of fireflies). The light produced is usually blue-green, near the point in the spectrum of maximum transmission for seawater and most visible for many deep-sea organisms. Most of the homogeneous phosphorescence of the sea, the glowing wakes, is caused by the presence of blooming phytoplankton, notably the microscopic dinoflagellate Noctiluca miliaris, as well as some jellyfish. Many small crustaceans, such as the Cypridina hilgendorfii, which is 3 to 4 mm (about 1/6 inch) long, also emit phosphorescence when disturbed. Many squids emit luminous clouds when threatened. Some species of fish emit light in distinctive patterns or at regular intervals, permitting individuals to form or maintain schools. Some deep-sea fish, notably the anglerfish, possess lights in or near the mouth with which to attract and illuminate prey.

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