Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And some more waste... with COC

this time... here in Chennai (COC: Corporation of Chennai), we are taking a huge step up: 4500TpD, up to 5200TpD when adding building/construction waste; a dump fill of 550 acres, absolutely gigantic... and no treatment at all whatsoever... since almost 30 years!!!
Scary, really!
More in details: Population Chennai: census 2011: Chennai: 4,681,087
Solid Waste Management:
Solid Waste, Best Practices, Manpower, Media And Communication, Infrastructures Created, Vehicle Monitoring Portal
1.     Kodungaiyur Dumping Yard Portal
2.     Perungudi Dumping Yard Portal
Solid Waste Management Department:

Headed by a Superintendent Engineer, the department looks after removal of solid waste, which is a major responsibility of the Corporation. Every day 4500 MT of garbage is collected and removed from the city. Night conservancy is being carried out in all important roads and commercial areas of the city. Door to door collection of garbage is prescribed in all zones.
Per capita Generation per day: 700gms
Estimated Generation of Solid Waste Per day: Garbage 4500 MTs. Building debris 700 MTs

total SWM: 5200TpD
And deserving the nickname this journalist from The Times of India gave me: Frenchman on a dump fill!!!
Lets see what The Hindu comes up with!

In any case what a journey! from IITM, the indian M.I.T to one of the biggest land fill I have aver seen, 550 acres, 350 already used and no treatment whatsoever...

So far beyond writing academic articles my projects become even so more important to me, in terms of implementation, of awareness of bridges to build to find holistic approaches and hopefully teams of implementation!

What can be set, what can be done at grassroots level, implemented as alternatives to market-failure solutions, ill-defined property rights in terms of waste (sorry, becoming quite technical, that is the article I am currently writing on), maybe the 2 projects I am working on: an Integrated Waste Management System, a student citizenship project... and honestly... any implementation of any of those 2 would mean a lot more to me than a thesis well written!

and this day ending up ...after a very interactive class in IITM around Social Innovation and waste management... in the Hindu offices...for an interview:

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