Friday, July 25, 2014

Brazilian dreams

When I was a kid I was kinda scared to dream because even when the dreams were... nice, I felt like I was transported to places… endlessly... brought to the end of the universe, my universe, I guess, and invariably put in front of a black hole: Who am I? Why am I here, What for?
Those were not really nightmares but really deep questions on the essence of life, way to deep for a child.
Sometimes I even had the feeling I was having awakened sleep experiences, feeling like I was flying… to the boarder of… life and … death.
I could not really identify these as extra body experiences but it sure scared me.

Later on, I guess wet dreams, and female fantasies brought some lightness to my nightlife!

Way later, philosophy mixed to personal development and therapy experiences brought those dreaming times back to the front line! As tools, this time, to better understand my psyche, my unconscious worlds…myself...

Dreams are not always telling you what you want to hear or see, just what you need to… what your unconscious wants to talk to you about!

And yes it is a blessing to dream, to remember your dreams and get to follow the messages your mind, your soul are whispering during your sleep. And yet so little is know about them that is dangerous to analyse too much!

Well… sometimes those are not real whispers… like when all those terrifying images of my friends butchered in feb 2007 in Rio were coming back in waves in my mind… to the point of not wanting to close my eyes anymore!!!

Sleepless nights or long insomnias when I got back to Brazil in may this year!

But those dreams as well were still coming to tell me something…
that maybe it was time to grieve and move on.
Move on to other dreams or just simply to carry on dreaming….with the innocence of a child!

Dreaming that work can be done with kids of the street, in favelas in Rio or elsewhere in the world…
Like the amazing kids of Moro do Alemao who learned a few words of English and repeated them by singing, playing football, enjoying fruits, playing ukulele in less than an hour.
See video:
So here I am, again in Brazil, 12 years later, with a lot less idealism but still loads of dreams: dreams of participating to making a better world, of getting that amazing idea that would change everything…
Me first!!!… let me change first, start to trust, myself, others, start to love what I do, choose what I love, where I want to live, surrounding myself with people that inspire me, that I can build a space of serenity with…

And get those nightmares out of my head!

And they do… go away .... in the end.

Replacing hands full of blood, my friends’ heads chopped

… by those beautiful smiles of innocent and yet already damaged kids!

SO YES, here I am, again, not allowing time to dream or just to think, analyse too much, to wander in space and time … at least not to day dream… just trying to further set an SE on alternative education,

to plan this PILOT of waste management at the boarder of Bolivia and Brazil: Corumba, Puerto Suarez and Puerto Quijiro.

Dreaming as a vision, dreaming as a way to share ideas, new societal interactions, shift in economical paradigms…

Shift in my mind, my soul, my way to trust, to love… myself… and them!

Alternative education and the project of Uke’N’Learn started in Rio with one private session followed by the kids session in Morro Do Alemao, which was such a success that it inspired us to go further: other group sessions in SP, even single ones of some strange outcomes (the guy comparing the session to prostitution, his needs to see the tits before buying… negotiating the facial price after bragging the whole time about his luxurious holidays in France!!!; funny how those wealthy people in SP seem to me, ruthlessly stingy, negotiating everything, even their own pleasure!).

So here we go, Uke’N’ Learn seems to rock n roll now:
Private sessions
1 session in Morro do Alemao in Rio
1 session in Capao Redondo in SP
A full week and 4 sessions in Morro da Fuba in Rio with Terr'Ativa

And more and more that feeling that there is something substantial there, that this could be ‘the’ idea, the SE… and we are going for it with Elena and some friends.

Another dream that I have been pursuing here is my research project on Waste… my PhD started in India and which I would love to transfer here in Brazil.
Well some steps and great encounters have been made with USP, with UFRJ…
Lets see where it can lead?

In any case people are really interested by the topics of decentralisation and small scale community oriented solutions.
And that feels like a good start in a few weeks!
So I put my brain and soul fully into the concept and possible implementation of that project in Bolivia at the boarder with Brazil: connection of 3 cities: Puerto Suarez, Puerto Quirijo, and Corumba.

A beautiful project at the heart of a poor local community, in a very poor boarder city (with its loads of drugs, drug smuggling and heavy prostitution...), in one of the poorest countries in the world:

2,867.64 USD
as compared to other neighbours
6,659.81 USD ‎(2013)
14,414.75 USD ‎(2013)
14,760.20 USD ‎(2013)
One month to shape a strategy and start… to implement simple ideas, simple solutions…
That can only be better than the round of consultants that have only sucked municipality budgets lately without any delivery and implementation aspects.
But what a challenge!
How to bound, to convince, to build teams, to shape flows, to get places to compost, to stock, to repair, to connect to the market of recycling, to create flows of revenus, to change waste into cash… in 1 month!!!

Dreams of building a life here, of finding my place, in front of the sea…starting from what I love, where I want to live and build a life around it!

And not the contrary like I have been doing my entire life quite unsuccessfully I must confess!

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  1. The video! Priceless. What a lovely experience. Thank you for sharing your dreams and your journey. Love and light.