Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sinal de vida… da Bolivia...

Cheguei as 5.30 de manha na Corumba.

I charged my suitcase on the front of the motorbike, between the arms of the moto taxi guy and kept ukulele and backpack on my back... and off we were.... going ... crossing… Corumba, bringing back old Pantanal memories... some 12 years ago!

Today the Pantanal is full, waters coming down from the Amazon…quite normal by the end of the winter.
The air is really cold in the morning. I will probably have to buy some of these Peruvian/Bolivian wool clothes to get warmer, to be able to sustain the morning early sessions… in dump fills…

Crossing the boarder in itself was an adventure.

The Brazilian Moto taxi left me at the 2nd control gate, where the Bolivian taxi take charge of you... and charge you.... more!

7 kilometers to Puerto Suarez... and to another world, almost like an old version of Mexico, old kombis, station wagon, pick ups... that could come from a movie of the 60ies...
It feels a bit surreal and the feelings of landing on the moon as surely accentuated by the depravation of sleep. The night bus ride was cold but OK, just long and tensed!

I get now to Casa Real, a hotel by the main road, the only one that is in asphalt..., which looks like an hacienda, just … without the horses tight up in the front area.

Dust is everywhere! It takes me a few hours to get used to it, to get my throat accustomed to the dry and dusty air, to stop coughing!

A quick shower, and right on to a plan to use those 5 weeks here in the most efficient way, to see how to get there with the Foundation FTE.

A quick chat with the lovely house guard, a beautiful red 'papagay'!

Then starting the meetings and visits for the projects.

First listen to people, respect what they have done, who they are, get to know them...
Then only ....share ideas... shape plans together.

I loved these recycling idea of using old truck tires to set a water tank higher...
And the community oven to make cork bricks...or the permaculture fields, with 'galinas' in the middle to use their compost!
I read a lot of other examples of Integrated Waste management where people have good stories and successful methods, that should help...

How is the market of waste built?
Like here with brazilian trucks collecting?

I am here to help but mostly to learn about myself, further... and serve!

Oo yes, and yesterday in SP I met this very nice guy from Floripa, who is a singer songwriter, and we spend the whole flight speaking about music.
He sings MPB, is 28, father of 2 lovely kids that he has with his wife, a flamenco dancer!
We had a great time, rebuilding the world through music and education.
He was travelling with his dad an ex bodyguard policeman from Lula, really funny stories!
Rafael gave me his CD in the end, and I will listen to it while starting my work here!
Thanks for making me feel like part of a famous Brazilian band getting out of a plane Rafael!

Today crossing borders and getting further away I feel closer to people dear to me, the ones I want to build my life with... to my purpose, to my core.

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