Friday, September 19, 2014

A bit weird to wake up in an... empty bus!

Completely emtpy!
I must admit that for a second I thought they were kidnapping me, especially when I looked through the window and discovered they were taking the bus to the depot in a really rough neighbourhood.

So I came down quietly from the top floor of the bus, smiling and saying: hey you guys must have forgotten me.
The 2 drivers looked at me like... where is this one coming from... and after a few seconds we all broke into laugh!!!
I was not being kidnapped, just 20min away from my hotel, and into a really dangerous neighbourhood.
The driver stopped the bus by the side of the road and stopped a taxi himself indicating him where to drop me!

What a way to start my 3 days of Start Up weekend with the foundation!!
Rene, my friend from FTE was getting worried, and laughed as well when I told him the story.
Guys... I crossed all India, so this is no big deal for me.
Yet I cant say I was really laughing getting out of that bus looking for a taxi in that dump!

Here I am now in a 4 stars hotel, not really my thing, but at least I will be able to swim at the pool to build my back again!
And finish up the big implementation plan for next week in Puerto Suarez.
I am so excited about every steps we are taking towards this Pilot on Waste Management for poor communities. It is starting in a good way... but lets be humble, and grateful...everyday.

I have still so much work to do: plan, get support from big companies for incentives, get ok from local authorities...
And build the model for my research as well as for other villages, find solutions to recycle glass, tires, Electronics...

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