Tuesday, January 8, 2013


the brain... just like a muscle, stretching...growing!

Of course I dont have much of a choice.
Since 3 days: 10 to 12 hours of class per day, with 3 core topics: Research methodology, Statistics, Evolution of Management.
3 compulsory classes: trust me, if I had the choice I would skip Stats!!!
And if you add to this, 4 to 6 hours of readings, preps, presentations... per day... you can imagine the kind of life I am getting into.
But surprisingly... I am finding ressources inside, that I never suspected.
It seems to me that I am finally finding a playground for my visual-mapping- hyperactive mind!
Almost feels like a last opportunity to finally move from the potential line into the activating/implementation one!
Living the experience without fearing the results, disconnecting from achievements, requirements.
The experience is too long in any way, to focus on any kind of end goal: 4 to 6 years... part time!
Plus the rhythm is so heavy right now, that all I can do is to take it only one day at a time.

So yes expanding ... concentration span, focus capability, analytical skills, rigor, organization methodology...reading capacity, listening skills, preciseness of semantic...words!...

But unexpectedly just as well acceptance... perseverance!...tolerance, forgiveness, self confidence... openness... letting go of unnecessary fears, worries...
expanding my heart, my soul... just as well!

A PhD as a sadhana, a way to internal acceptance, reconciliation!

Just enough energy to go through the day, read, analyse, present, formulate hypothesis... analyse datas...
eat, pray and ...sleep! a bit.

Only 2,5 weeks more to go with this academic experiment...until end of 1st round (out of 4)!

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