Saturday, May 5, 2012

And when a politician gets killed here...

when he goes from one very powerful local party to set his own... all the town gets shut down for a day! not even one rickshaw to head back to the ashram... until 6PM. Everything gets cancelled including the book inauguration of Amma...
Kerala gives this wierd feeling of a very conservative, religious state, the most densely populated in India, the richest as well, mostly due to money coming back for Gulf countries, sent by Malayali expats...and at the same time strongly communist! a mix of Don Camillo and Pepone war! Posters of Karl Marx, Staline, Trotsky everywhere in the streets... so strange!

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  1. Di;
    I am getting to know India from your perspective and as you have already reported, it is a country of huge gaps and contrasts.
    Remember that living abroad makes cultural shock inevitable, cause life values, traditions and backgrounds can be very far from our standard patterns; specially from the orientals!!!
    As a wise world traveller, you know by heart that we should not be judgmental.
    So, please take advantage of this unforgetable experience and enjoy the DIVERSITY: every single moment will be worth it! :)