Saturday, May 26, 2012

Then the magic of a surfing trip...

Nusa Lembogan...Lombok and back for one night at the mighty Tugu!

Nusa Lembogan felt like a short pilgrimage, since I was there 12 years ago with my buddy Eric and brother. But all has changed so much, so touristy, americanized.

The wave of shipwreck is still as beautiful though, and the sunsets there, still mind blasting (as Russell Peters would say!).

But the new part was a honey moon!:
amazing island, very wild, beautiful beaches, coast line, strong feel of change of culture, ethnies and religion with Bali. A lot harsher in many ways. Wilder and more raw too! 
To me....more beautiful!

And one of the most amazing left I got to surf: Desert Point
A hut for 3 days, a long beach, deserted... we took it for granted!
Very simple, basic feelings...maybe the best way to connect to the sea ... life... another...

And then the Tugu for a splash of tenderness, class, culture and... magic...

a romantic cove... the best way to end such an amazing indonesian dream...

before heading back to... reality!

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