Saturday, May 19, 2012


One week work, 2 weeks holidays...why have I not thought about such a ryhtm earlier.

Actually my buddy Alo is getting close to that :-)

Which gives him all the time in the world to teach his beautiful daughter India to dance Hula Hup!

After a few adaptation days in Canggu everything went by in a spark:

one session of surf after the other:

Kuta Reef, Airport left, Serengan, Turtle Island, Echo Beach, in front of the Tugu...

And after a ceremony of offerings to Balineese Gods in a wonderful temple in front of the sea with Nenga, things seem to settle down with the surf accidents!

 Even a memorable session at Uluwatu before sailing of to Jakarta.

So beautiful to be back here after the bad experience 12 years ago (we almost got into a fight with Uluwatu locals who screwed us up on a repair of a board.

Jakarta, another buzzing indonesian/asian capital... people everywhere, late arrival of the plane, very tired the next day...

I miss conference site visits which annoys me as I was really looking forward to some real experiences of the field here.

Then 2 days of great conference, very inspiring...lots of interactions...

INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Conference "Social Economy 4.0: Innovation, Sustainability, and Responsibility"on 16 May in Jakarta. with  Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) and BINUS Business School

will examine the challenges of the transformation to a new generation of a social economy, one that reflects the increasing efficiency and impact orientation of social ventures, especially social entrepreneurs, as well as increasing attention of the business community to social and environmental impact beyond simple financial performance. The terminology is taken from Anatole Kaletsky'sCapitalism 4.0 and subsequent discussions at the World Economic Forum on "Economics 4.0". Four issues will serve as lenses to examine these transformation in a more focused manner: the environment, women, technological change, and values, ethics and transparency. 

Jakarta old center: bar/restaurant the Batavia, memorable... with a short tchuk tchuk visit of the harbor!

In the square kids come running to take picture of our 'giant' Aaron who is 6'3 and a real attraction here.

The harbor is as well a beautiful part, especially at sunset time, an invitation to wander around, enjoy the downloading of materials.

 So much nicer than that humongous mall which they proudly showed us a lunch time which we rapidly escaped from.
The back to Bali and lots of brainstorming with the Insead social entrepreneurs buddies!

Really very stimultating to be with such bright and open people... and get to share, present, get exposed so much.

Yesterday one of the most amazing days: scooter to Nusa Dua from Sanur... already nice.

The snorkling investigation...followed by trip to Uluwatu... sweet swimm in front of the spot in a hiddent part of the beach... Svenji loves it!

Then a surf session with some ISEP friends in Legian beach: too short.... but nice to share my world with them...

And finishing with a massage in Tugu Hotel, simply amazing.

Now waiting for the boat to Nusa Lembogan on our way to Lombok!!!
Life is good :-)

Om shanti shanti... making offerings to the Gods to avoid te Balinees gohsts!!!

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