Sunday, June 16, 2013

Almost 4 weeks of hard work, 1 more to go

This is getting really stuffy!!!

Whole week of 8 to 12 hours of class per day, till 8pm, the whole weekend.
AQM (Advance quantitative methods), NIE (New Institutional Economics), QRM (Quantitative Research methods)...

These whole 4 weeks, between 8 to 12hours of class per day, with the compulsory night reading of prep articles, which take me forever!

Things to asses, compare, salaries, solvability, project with STATA...

Or these economical macro models:

"Contrary to theoretical expectations, measures of willingness to accept greatly exceed measures of willingness to pay. This paper reports several experiments that demonstrate that this "endowment effect" persists even in market settings with opportunities to learn." Coase theorem, Kahneman, 2000
The positivist approach in QRM and the french Auguste Comte to lead this trend of thought, which in my case does now improve my understanding of it all!!
My only source of contentement in 5 weeks was to have finished my own paper on:
       Technological Innovation in Social Innovation (SI) context: specificities of pro-poor solutions from an Indian perspective

Purpose – This study aims to investigate the relationship between High Tech and Low tech Innovation Processes in the context of Social Innovation (SI) with a particular focus on pro-poor innovations developed in India. After defining the factors that play a role in this interaction this study attempts to define a new way to look at social innovation especially in bottom up approaches that are way more qualitative and human resources focused.

Findings – The results are surprising in the sense that High Tech and Low Tech processes can be found in antinomy in the examples we chose to study. Yet the key factors that drive those processes end up not being technological but human. The way these human interactions can succeed in order to insure best implementation become core to social innovation processes.

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