Thursday, June 6, 2013

Didn't the Great Maria die of it?

In september 1977 in Paris...she stopped singing... for ever, taken away by a broken heart!
Was she simply exhausted of waiting for Aristotle (not the philosopher but the shipowner) to make a choice between Jakie Kennedy, Renata Tebaldi... and all the others that his immense wealth was bringing in his court?
Onassis never chose, never positioned himself clearly, and the Callas probably died of hopes, expectations and the sadness of loosing it all, her amazing gift, her voice and the man of her life...

My friend John from London shared with me lately that he had never been through such pains: "maybe I have always been too coward to make such choices".
Indeed if you want to live true love, you need to be ready to pay its price, make choices, even let everything behind at times, to build a life away from your base... your friends, your job.

Hence the suffering of grief is at times unbearable, the pain of letting go of such expectations, dreams, hopes, attachement that come to balance those sacrifices... the struggles to fit, when it does not work.

"Struggle is the meaning of life
Defeat and victory is in the hand of God
But struggle itself is man's duty
And should be his joy." 

But nobody can break your heart...really long as you truly love yourself and enjoy the path, find joy even in those hard times. Could that be it?
The process of grieving is indeed utterly painful, long, with each important steps of it: hate, denial, resentment, ... and finally love, compassion:

"Oublie ce passé qui n'est plus
Tu trouveras un présent qui t'attend"

What to do?
My sweet friend Jen told me to breathe, deeply to fill the heart with energy, inner simple...
it worked!

But maybe simply learn from it, know that in the end there is peace, there is compassion, real love for oneSelf...
take the lessons and... grow... and go!

And... there is nothing greater than the power of love and compassion...


  1. The Dhamma is closest to those with broken hearts.
    Only when your home has been burned to the ground
    can you see the stars.
    Do not throw away your suffering;
    it is the fertile soil which grows the flowers of truth.

    Embrace your pain
    and share your pleasure.
    Pain is the teaching,
    release is the graduation.

    By Ian McCrorie

  2. Thank you for these beautiful words, this poem Annie... indeed suffering is such a guide...