Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love is in ... the air!

Why are they all getting married, engaged around me!!!?

Beautiful colors, smiles, simplicity of clear and deep commitments, engagements... and a feeling of real faith, sharing same values, looking in the same direction, with no fears...a simple clarity... in every moves, words... actions

 and just a few songs with my Uke to share their happiness: "I dit it my.... way!"

Some beautiful memories too coming back, a chapel, prayers, dreams, hopes, and then...expectations...hence some dispair just as well!
Reality showing its truth in actions or just things staying as they are...opposed to words and dreams...

The positive thing in all this (and there is always a positive side: that... at least is a big change in my life) is that I know, more and more clearly, I accept too...that I... alone can be responsible for my own serenity, peace: no external actions, words will ever build a base for me, accepting that insecurity of not having any today!

It can only be inside...alone...again!

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