Monday, December 10, 2012

Working on sustainability conference... in paradise!

So here I am: just landed... a few days to catch up at the ashram... get used to the heat and the indian buzz again... and already in the rollercoaster of Amrita Uni!
6 hours train yesterday to cross Kerala from south to north and land in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore, Ettimidai, Amrita School of Business campus.
The campus where I will be carrying my PhD studies, hosting this conference on sustainability:

1.     The International Conference on: "Sustainable Development and Governance-Building Commerce and Communities” ICSDG
Working quite a lot on Website edits, contacting personally all big shots for their presentations, lst details of their trip...
Coordinating teams of students.
Coordinating partnership aspects...

Overview of Conference:
Making sure partnerships with Academic world, Corporates and NGOs are possible and starting.

Unprecedented pressure on energy, water, and food due to population growth and commercial development places sustainable development as a core responsibility of governing bodies at all levels.  The ICSDG aims at bringing together many key thought leaders in these areas. We envision forging an alliance of academia, corporates, NGOs, agencies, etc. to work closely on a set of actionable plans that can improve the chances of “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)” being met much quicker!

ICSDG is a unique platform for Researchers, policy makers, investors, corporates and the non-governmental organizations working in the field to:
·       Define and develop management and governance solutions for the Water, Energy and Waste Management crisis that communities and industries are facing, especially in India
·       Stimulate emerging and innovative ways for businesses and communities to come together to promote and implement sustainable development solutions
·       Contribute to the building of an innovative and efficient sustainable development roadmap involving all major actors : government, corporate, communities and universities
Hands-on Master-class style workshops are offered to managers responsible for sustainability management where the latest thoughts and trends in organizational practices are discussed.
An impressive list of case studies will also be presented by corporate houses and NGOs in the presence by eminent experts such as former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Nobel Laureate Dr. Pachauri, Chancellor, TERI University Dr. Vandana Shiva, and many more eminent experts from different parts of the world.

The ICSDG Vision
  • To connect developmental agencies, public and quasi-public organizations, corporates, and academics to contribute towards policy-oriented and actionable research with a view to bring benefits to the vulnerable in society.
  • To understand the current problems associated with sustainable plan/action and to study the models of sustainable change from our speakers and presenters that provide insights on the bottlenecks for sustainable action
  • To learn from the various successful cases and develop socially and commercially scaled up solutions for the critical mass.
  • To develop a plausible, common approach for sustainability management rather than being reliant on the current fragmented approach for meeting sustainability goals at local, regional and global level, leading to more effective governance systems.
  • To develop an actionable plan through teams of corporates, academics, NGO’s, government agencies in three focus areas areas
    • Improving supply of water at higher quality levels,
    • Lower cost access to renewable energy, and
    • Proper waste management
So here am I, back in a suit and a tie soon (tom!). I cant believe it, but in a way it feels OK, feels right to be fully back in the world, facing challenges and taking them just for what they are: experiences to grow!

and waking up to this:

so I guess it is OK to wear a tie, if it comes with such environments...
Yoga and meditation this morning with an amazing rising sun, stunning colors embracing the sky, everywhere

and I guess it is OK too to be treated as a secretary and edit websites without a thank you or any kind of recognition  Manipulation and bullshit have been so common in this whole process. And as much as I felt really humiliated to have worked hard on the design of this conference, advocated for strong design of Outputs/outcomes, I am now relieved to have been taken out of the organizing committee when I see the legacy of 3 days spent with key experts on sustainability, the 11th president of India...

Of course what to expect from a powerful, very wealthy ex magnate of WallStreet, that probably believed he can reach the goal in business class by serving Amma's biscuits.... and an accounting professor that knows nothing on sustainability on the reality of the field and believes honestly (?) apparently that she helps communities with research papers!!!

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