Saturday, December 22, 2012


So here ya go, what will be the legacy, the outcomes of 3 days of interactions of international/indian experts in the sustainability field, governance...???

It seems to me (that is my sincere opinion!) that the major outcome has been to take a few western Professors and their families on an Indian holiday...
And to help a few other ones to shine...

Why did I have expectations it could be different: an ex Wall Street magnate, and an accounting professor ...
well... lets assume that they did their best with their narrow experience and understanding of sustainability, community engagement, selflessness, deprived people empowerment…

But where ARE/WERE the beneficiaries in all this expense of time, knowledge, speeches, presence of a very inspiring President!!!?

The ones living in deprived communities, those poor villages all around Amrita Campuses and especially around Ettimidai campus.
How has this 'sustainability effort' improved their daily life or will one day??

Honestly I do not think it has nor that it will!

OK, yes... a big report planned on top-500 Indian biggest companies CSR strategy, a review.
Again some nice reports, research level!!! (barely useful for toilet paper as Bunker Roy describes World Bank reports)

Once again who are the beneficiaries of all this???

The research teams, the universities getting fundings, exposure. The Dir, Pr, Dr, ... adding a line one their CV!
When will they pass on anything to the people in need, the communities they pretend to study???

How could they be so biased on the definition and objectives of sustainable development!!!!

So yes, better outside... than part of this ego-trip, this mascarade!

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