Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3rd eye!

Waves are pounding, smashing everything on their way...
I don't know if they are in my head, my dreams or...
if it is my 3rd eye ... opening?

Visualizing like Brahmarshi Patriji said it would... if practicing every day!
So in a semi-sleep, instead of running to the beach like I would have before, like I used to, from our beach flat near confirm the sounds...
I patiently take a lotus position and start to meditate.

The past days have been so strong with that Swami from AP, playing flute next to me, speaking french my 3rd eye. I know that if I say that I saw him as Toulouse Lautrec, speaking french to me, you will make sure that when I arrive in Paris, Charles de Gaulle, I get locked up as soon as I land!

I sit here, silently, slowly letting myself taken by the rhythm of my breathing. Gently slowing down, allowing my thoughts to wander around, to surf in my mind, pass by and not bother me anymore.
Faces show up, feelings of foam, of powerful breezes, of salty water marking my eyebrows...
My hears are filled with rock sounds smashed... waves pounding... on them... on me... sitting there...waiting, waiting for the good one.
But slowly serenity, patience settles in.
She will come when the swell is right... when I am ready for it. No more cold expectations, no projections of how it should be.
The sun flashing on the wrinkles of the sea from a far, at times blinds me...

I have been blind so many times and ...death, too!
Not seeing to the signs written on the walls, water walls... listening to the murmuring of bubbles coming up, telling me not to drop in, not that one... to be patient, wait for the next one, the next set, the next swell even!
What is your rush? Become a father, a house, a dog, a nice car??

How much more to share when the time is right... how much more to embrace... to smile at the sea together... learn to do it... the rhythm of Nature.
To be thankful when finally you really see, sea, hear, feel throughout all your body that the time has come... to share... to grow, to go and discover further, to ride... hand in hand.

Y de lo bueno... mucho!
cada dia
todo los dias!
porque no sabes cuando vas a caer en esa ola, enorme, cuando te rompera...

expressing feelings, sharing them!

I dreamed a few days ago that I was sliding, taken off my feet in a big big wave at Mavericks, getting stuck under...

stuck in my expectations, my projections, visualizations?

waiting for an easy ride... of what I wanted... not what I need!

and I drowned...

just like I could have fallen from that cliff, that window.

Was it my 3rd eye opening already?

Today waves were big in Varkala....
it felt good...

...feeling small

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