Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sitting between two temples: one under the sea... one on the beach...

...on my surf board.

The beautiful village of Mahavallipuram is as famous for pilgrims as it is for a handful of surfers that know that monsoon season means just as well good swells hitting this peace of rock, rolling in a long good right, ending on the a sandy beach.

A beautiful temple on the beach and the the mysterious bubbling of an other temple, the legend speaks about 6 other ones, buried beneath the waters....

A powerful backwash even curls the start of the wave into a killer tube, which Kevin who invited me from Auroville was getting into almost in each section.
Short,  very fast little bugger… and 20 years younger!

I only started to get used to the wave and the new board on my second day there, when the swell doubled which really helped me!
Nice people in the water, the ozzie guy who started his diving business in Pondy and now his shaping business in Maha.
Nice guys to share a good swell with.
But as well the local as enthusiastic as they are new to the sport.

This little bugger gave me the most amazing lesson about surfing in my life:
Waooo great wave you took!
Welcoming me back at the peak, like never ever before in a local way!
Never ever had I heard something like that from a local: pure happiness, pure joy to share

I never had a local surfer just telling me he enjoyed watching me surf, basically just saying: I am happy for you, thanks for that beautiful wave…

If that is not the influence of the Atlantide city, the temples embedded in the sea!

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