Saturday, August 17, 2013

And dancing Rock and Roll again…

french way of course!
in the middle of Discipline, one of the furthest communities up north in Auroville… seemed a bit surreal!!!
arriving there guided by candles paving the way, in the middle of nowhere!
Very romantic too, I grant you that!
Stephanie had done a great job in her party organizing: great music by an ozzie aurovillian, great people, very nice house in the forest… and she is such a good dancer!
First time in my life that I go to a party where 3 generation meet and mix, kids with parents, and even Granpas and Granmas!
People from all around the Globe, probably 30 to 40 countries... quite unimaginable anywhere else in ... the world!

The party the following week at Anan’s place was more of a surfers’ one which is quite normal by the beach… Eternity beach... almost an oath to life!
Great Reggea music this time which I enjoyed just as much, bringing back some Zouk and Coupe decalle moves!

I had not partied like that in years and it felt really good.
Not participating to the smoking and drinking around, but enjoying the conversations, the dancing, the eclectic music… meeting very interesting people from all around the world, doing all kinds of things, and so open, inspiring, simple, so far from the posh people I had met in Europe lately!

I felt I was participating at times to and Indian version of the Burning Man festival!
or the Festival du Desert in Tumbuktu!

Fires on the beach…fires in the souls...
just free!

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