Friday, August 23, 2013

Amhedabad ....second impressions:

I realize that most of the aggressivity I felt in the first days here was probably…mine.
I was tired, a bit upset of having such a hard time to communicate with people, to find my way around… that I was taking some surprised and curious looks for aggressions.

Yet last night in a restaurant, that guy spent the whole evening pretending to speak English and asking us questions in either Gujarati or Hindi (I cant tell the difference) and it felt really overwhelming.
Once again a sense of low education at times, rudeness, even in nice restaurants like the one we were into.
But I must say that after the visit of Gandhi’s ashram along the Sabarmati river, a flow of peace took our trip quite by surprise.

We met these guides there that very kindly advised us on the best places to visit, to have local food…

And then a succession of positives circles happened: great meetings at IIMA, with the very passionate people of the CIIE, Akash and Shashank.

 A visit of spiritual sites: the beautiful mosque of Sidi Sayyeid, the magestuous Jain temple of Shree Nadanvan, absolutely stunning especially at sunset time,

where the colors of dying sun carve the stones of each pillor, balcony even further…

when the moon pretends to take up a lightning duty… to the sun!

and to finish the hindu temple of Kalupur Swaminarayan, which adoration to some feet represented are still a mystery to me, but the little wooden door in a back opening to a world of magic…Poles which could easily be confused for Rais of Marrakech of Fez!

And so much kindness of people, eagerness to welcome us in their homes, introducing us to each generation: the grand parents, the parents, the kids… 

Visitors and Gods and here… it is true!

The next day: oxbrige English to be heard everywhere… what happened???

We are in IIM A, the top business university in India, even harder to get in for Indians than Harvard!
And it reputation is justified.
Great facilities, case study based education… great teachers.
Like Anil Gupta who was proposing a workshop on MicroVenture seed funding for social innovation.
Very inspiring, very passionate people once again, and so much insight in the sector I am embracing in India.
I even got some great contacts for Surat!
What a day… not really memorable by the visit of Science City though, where the Shamengo project was supposed to be hosted…

Not gonna happen!!!

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