Sunday, August 25, 2013

SMC, best in class for waste management...

especially since 1994, where a "so called plague" took almost 50 lives.
One week meeting the most amazing relentless servants of the state, of the city... dedicated to give their best to their duty, their mission, improve Surat Municipal services.

From the Deputy Commissioner to the director of Khajod's composting plant, the same dedication, almost passion for waste, at least for a work done well.
Since my visit of those 2 cities in Gujarat, the main ones I am convinced that germans were there, some day...
Gujaratis are the germans of India: super organized, very rigorous, they do what they say, they say what they do... even very fussy on money... diamonds...machineries...
So much similarities and so far from all I had seen in the rest of India.

And of course the figures speak by themselves:
last 10 years Surat doubled in population, partly because of migrations, partly because of increase of the SUDA zone, Surat Municipal area responsibility.
Yet the problem remained: how to deal with almost double of the waste.
Various solutions were put in place:
PPP bids and engaging solutions by outsourcing to the corporate sector
strict controls of flows of waste by SMC
strict controls of bids and PPP contracts by financial department independent from the choice maker...


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