Saturday, August 17, 2013

What a way to arrive in peaceful Auroville!!!

Well after a horribly hot night in the blue trains, I arrive very early in Pondychery, wander around the main bus station to find a bus heading towards Auroville… and land on the ECR at the rickshaw station.
Very sympathetic north indian students propose me to drop me at Central Guest house, which I accept.
But the auto taxi mafia pissed of to loose one customer start to buzz around us shouting, trying to take our keys.
I am exhausted and completely fed up with those guys.
I spot the leader and post myself in front of him, taking his finger down when he points at me.
After a few second of defying looks the guy gives the keys of the motorcycle back.
I realized later that after 2 or 3 of those little rickshaw drivers one of them would have managed to hit me in the back, and they could have hearted me really bad. But in the heat of the defying I did not think that far and just took a chance to let them know I was ready to fight.
What a way to land in peaceful Auroville!

Finally a nice room in Central Guest house: bamboos, flowers…

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