Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don’t like goodbyes…

but with a uke, a guitar and a few beers, it felt good.

Left a postcard for the community I was in for 1 month.
I don’t know if it is because "Thank you" is not really used in Tamil or Malayalam, but I never heard it from the people in that community, Aspiration, the oldest one in Auroville. It felt to me that they took the the work and commitment to the community garden they asked us to build, as well as the "Parents day" I organized in the end to hand over the whole garden of 500m2 for granted.

Felt a bit weird but it does not matter in the end, I thanked them myself to have given me an opportunity to work selflessly and learn so much about permaculture, organic gardening, farming project management.
While doing so, meeting great people: the enthusiastic students I worked with, from an agronomic engineering school in France, the experts of various farms in Auroville, random experts passing by on nutrition, organic experiences in India... who shared their passion, their experience with so much love, that it really touched me.

I believe that if I act myself with gratitude, valuing the time I spend with people, acting with generosity, politeness and respect there are more chances that people will do the same... 
By doing I feel I value myself, the time and things I do with people...
who I am, who I want to be.

And these are the energies I want to surround myself with.

With a uke, some percussions, a guitar...
And lots of nice memories to share, nothing to regret!

Off to new adventures in North of India now:
Ahmedabad, the Shamengo project, IIM A
then Surat and its best in class SWM, meetings with the Municipality

to end up in Mumbai... 
or Goa para un pocito mas??

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